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Stop tormenting yourself with tens of different garage door questions! Here you will find your answers

My garage door suddenly reversed. Why is that?

That is a safety feature of the door, so check if there are obstructions. If the sensors are blocked by anything, even if it is small, it will automatically reverse. Also check if the sensors are misaligned. If it is blinking, it needs realignment.

When is it time to replace a garage door?

If your garage door is very old and keeps on malfunctioning even after several repairs, it’s time to have it replaced. Moreover, older doors don’t have the security features that modern ones have so you may want to consider having a new garage door installed. Likewise, there are newer styles and designs that you may find, especially if you wish to enhance the curb appeal and value of your home.

When does my garage door track need replacement?

If the tracks have corroded, bent, or split, consider replacing them. When a part of your door fails to function, the tracks may likely be damaged. A skilled technician is the best person to tell whether repair is possible or you have to replace the tracks all the way.

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