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Garage Door Springs
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Let us face the fact that some of us do not understand the working of garage door springs. It is even possible that many of us are not aware that these tiny springs play one of the most important roles in the opening and closing of our garage doors. We underestimate them to the point where we fail to recognize the dangers they pose and so, we fall short of educating ourselves about how they function. The lack of information can lead to accidents especially when homeowners attempt do-it-yourself repair or replacement job on the springs.

It is best to contact a reputed garage door company such as Garage Door Repair Maitland when it comes to spring repair as this is a risky job for a non-expert to attempt. Our company has a team of well informed and highly knowledgeable garage repair service providers who have plenty of experience in dealing with spring replacement or repair. We encourage our technicians to attend training programs and gain hands-on experience before allowing them to provide service to our customers.

It is best to leave it to the pros

Garage Door SpringsThere are two types of springs. One is the torsion spring and the other is the extension spring, and they differ by placement. The torsion is placed above a closed door while the extension is on both sides above the tracks. Though they differ in placement, they both carry a lot of tension as they are wound as tightly as possible. To an expert, this means the work requires extra precaution but to the untrained, it is an accident waiting to happen. If springs are showing signs of deterioration due to age or poor maintenance, it is best to call our contractors to inspect and replace or repair them for you. Our professionals advise against attempting repair on your own and recommend leaving it to the pros.

There are a lot of safety concerns but fortunately, all of our technicians are prepared for every type of problem.

They will be able to identify damages or missing parts on your door. Missing door parts are a very big problem as every single part such as safety cables, brackets, and hinges have a function. Safety cables can prevent your springs from breaking and can control the problem when it does break.

Our company’s team of highly trained experts can help you through any issues you are facing. Whether it is a problem with your springs or even your whole garage door, we are here to help you.

Give us a call and we will be there!

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